I have worked with Anne-Marie since January 2018 on Fresh Air Sculpture 2019, a biennial outdoor contemporary sculpture exhibition, with craft gallery, full educational programme and Glass Glamour event. Anne-Marie has proved a vital part of a small and hard-working team. Taking responsibility for all PR including social media, liaising with press, attracting a key partner (Period Living), advertisers etc. She managed to gain wide coverage locally and nationally for the exhibition. Fresh Air Sculpture needed to more strongly define its identity in 2019 and partially re-brand. Anne-Marie was key to creating and promoting this new image. She engaged with everyone; team, trustees, external contacts and the public in an approachable, friendly and professional manner. As Curator, I had to juggle multiple tasks and at times deal with a very busy work schedule. Anne-Marie was pro-active and responsive to requests and essential in the collation and production of all print materials. I welcomed her positivity, feedback and support. I have worked on many projects in my career for a wide range of organisations and have found Anne-Marie to be by far the best PR colleague both in terms of personal traits and contribution to the project which has been sensitive, on message, timely and productive. 


Sarah McCabe Curator – Fresh Air Sculpture 2019

Anne-Marie has worked with the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen for four years. In that time, Anne-Marie has helped to raise the profile of the Guild and made the organization fresh and relevant. Before Anne-Marie our social media presence was limited to Facebook. Anne-Marie ran a very well attended workshop on social media for the Members. The majority of the Members now use and engage with social media as a consequence. The Guild has a highly successful gallery shop in Cheltenham, runs three shows a year and launched a Crafts Festival at Rodmarton Manor in 2018. Anne-Marie’s PR approach has been a vital part of our success and ambitions. She is such a pleasure to work with – bringing a lively intelligence, warmth and humour to her role. Anne-Marie champions the excellence of the Members, their practice and the Guild as a community. 

Jo Swait, Gallery Shop Manager, The Guild at 51 51 Clarence Street Cheltenham GL50 3JT

Anne-Marie Shepherd joined the Fresh Air Sculpture team at the beginning of 2018 as we hoped to revitalise our PR and embrace the modern world of social media. Anne-Marie has been fun to work with, proactive and dedicated to our cause, using her plethora of contacts to ensure the show was high-profile in the press and online. We now have a confident social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and send regular emails to our rapidly-growing mailing list.

Janet Page PA to Lucy Abel Smith Quenington Sculpture Trust

Workshop Feedback

February 2020

Thank you so much for the workshop I attended yesterday in Guildford. The information you gave was invaluable and has certainly put me on the track to know what I need to do next. I have spent a lot of time looking online for marketing advice and I was getting very confused. You have now made everything much clearer and I can now see a way to move my business forward. 

I’ve spent the afternoon thinking hard and trying to consolidate all the topics that were talked about this morning - my head is buzzing with things to add to my “to do" list! I was particularly impressed at the enormous amount of content that was included: thank you very much Anne-Marie for being so generous in sharing your knowledge, experience and plenty of practical tips.  

There was so much to take in, but I found it very interesting and informative and there is a lot to follow up on.