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Marketing, Social Media and Press Workshop, Worthing

It was such a pleasure to host a marketing and press workshop here in my hometown of Worthing.

The workshop was booked full with a comfortable 15 local creatives. I prefer to work with smaller groups rather than a huge crowd. I am a firm believer that we all learn from each other; from experience and from shared knowledge.

I don't just want to talk at people. I want my workshops to be places where discussion happens, where people share their wins and fails, where people add their understanding to the group.

This was exactly what happened at Colonnade House yesterday. A wonderful bunch of local businesses; ceramicists, artists, jewellers, textile artists, illustrators, retailers and creative space managers.

The session was lively fun and from the lovely positive feedback I got, every one walked away with heads full of ideas, minds full of inspiration and a long list of actions.

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